Leonard M. Golub, CFA 

Fiduciary Advisor 

I believe that money best serves as a means to other ends.  Accordingly, our work together begins with those ends.

To Prospective Clients and Visitors


I am pleased to provide you with this comprehensive introduction to my investment, financial, and life advisory services. Helping my clients have a positive investment experience is one of my life’s goals, and my background, training, and practice uniquely enable me to do this work with care, quality, and devotion. It is also critical that I help clients have positive distribution experiences, in which they prudently – and without fear or anxiety - convert their investment resources for use in their lives. In working with clients, I am therefore engaged in three primary activities: 

1. Working closely with you (or your family or organization) to better understand your own vital goals, hopes, needs, and dreams;

2. Preserving and enhancing the financial resources you currently have or may in time have; and

3. Helping you employ those financial resources to fulfill your goals, hopes, needs, and dreams

While this sounds simple enough, it requires work by both advisor and client to truly get to know each other, and that is a commitment I make to every client.  

I believe that money best serves as a means to other ends, whether that is just meeting basic living needs; a business life; personal pleasure, travel, and recreation; providing for children and grandchildren; education; charity; special missions and endowments; or some other thing. Accordingly, our work together begins with these ends, and once those are well understood, we assess the optimal means to achieve them. As a life advisor, my goal is to work with you to develop your ideas for your life. And as a financial advisor, my goal is to engineer your finances on behalf of those ideas through investment, retirement, education, insurance or estate planning. In my practice, while I may be the guide for most financial matters, you are the guide for the most important matter: how you wish to live your life and how you would like your wealth to support that way

For many, the world of investments and finances can seem detached, mechanical, and uncaring. In me, though, you will find a caring and interested partner. I hope you will let me know how I can be of service to you. 

Very best regards,


Leonard M. Golub, CFA