Charitable Deductions

The charitable deduction allows you to deduct the value of property you give to charity from your estate and may reduce any federal gift and estate tax that may be owed. Charitable gifting allows you to satisfy your personal philanthropic desires and fulfill your estate planning objectives.

You may wish to give to the charitable community out of devotion, moral obligation, altruism, generosity, or a sense of responsibility. Or you may want to give because you believe you will do a better job of distributing your wealth than Uncle Sam. Whatever your motivation, charitable giving should be gratifying.

Gifts to charity can also fulfill your estate planning objectives. There are no limits on the amount that you can pass to charity. It is possible to transfer your entire estate to charity, tax free. Gifts to charity allow you to:

  • Distribute your property tax free

  • Potentially put the amount subject to estate taxes into a lower bracket

Caution: However, remember that property you give to charity is property that does not go to your heirs. Don't let your attempt to save taxes have the unintended effect of depriving your heirs.

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