My relationship with Fidelity is a vital partnership that provides my clients with significant benefits. My experience with Fidelity Investments has been long and extremely positive, and I believe that yours will be too.

Custody of Assets

Asset Security, Selection and Trading


 As an independent advisor, it is critical that I provide my clients with a trusted and secure place to deposit their assets – an asset custodian. A custodian provides many “back office” services to an independent financial advisor and their clients: account management and reporting services, trading services, banking services, investment research, technology and software, and a securities and funds network. My custodian of choice is Fidelity Investments, with whom I have worked very successfully for several years.

When you work with me, you will most likely open several new accounts with Fidelity, and will move your assets, where applicable, into these new accounts. It is therefore important that you understand why I use Fidelity since, through me, you too will have a relationship with Fidelity.

Fidelity is one of the largest privately owned businesses in the United States. It has over $1.7 trillion in assets under custody, 44,000 employees, and about $11 billion in annual revenues. Fidelity is owned by the Johnson family (one of the country’s wealthiest) of Boston, and is most famous for its mutual funds. But, unknown to many people, Fidelity is not just a mutual fund company - it is also a major provider of custodial and trading services to independent financial advisors like me. Among the important features that Fidelity offers its advisors are:

  • A trading system with discount commissions
  • High quality monthly and annual statements for advisors and their clients
  • Online access for clients to their accounts
  • Access to an enormous selection of funds
  • Competitive loans collateralized by client assets
  • Access to many private money managers not otherwise available directly to retail investors
  • A significant bond inventory and bond trading desk
  • Access to options markets
  • Access to investment research
  • Private offerings (real estate and investment funds) for high net worth investors
  • Check writing, debit card, and credit card account features
  • Retirement, 401(k), education, and pension/annuity accounts
  • Charitable giving (both donor-advised and foundation) services
  • Trust services
  • Insurance products
  • Local branch offices in most American cities

As you can see, Fidelity “backs up” my independent advisory, providing me - and enabling me to provide to you - all of the features of a larger organization. In this way, you get the best type of investment advice – independent advice – from me, and you get world-class financial products, services, and strength from Fidelity. Crucially, Fidelity does not attempt to influence my investment counsel with you in any way, nor am I compensated at all by Fidelity for recommending any particular solution – I am completely free to recommend the best solution for you without any pressure or conflict of interest.

My relationship with Fidelity is therefore a vital partnership that provides you with significant benefits. My personal experience with Fidelity Investments has been long and extremely positive, and I believe that yours will be too.

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