Government regulations

In order to serve as a Registered Investment Advisor, I am registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and with the State of Texas State Securities Board. Obtaining and maintaining these registrations is an extensive process of applications and annual renewals.  My SEC Registration (CRD#) is 131658.  You can examine New Capital filings with the SEC by following this link.

Current Form ADV

Form ADV is the major document that financial advisors file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency tasked with overseeing the integrity of financial markets and market participants.  This document describes New Capital Management's practice in detail.  There are two parts to Form ADV: Part I is found on the SEC website, and Part II.

Code of Ethics

In order to maintain my status as a CFA charterholder, I am bound by the CFA Institute's Code of Ethics.  

Client Agreement

New Capital has an agreement that we execute when you become a client.  The agreement spells out the details of our working relationship.


Financial advisors learn many private things about their clients, especially about their finances and their intentions for their finances.  Keeping this information private is extremely important to me, and is perhaps the most important aspect of my work.  Accordingly,

  • I strictly maintain my clients' confidence.

  • Without permission, I do not divulge the identity of my clients. 

  • I do not apply a client's proprietary investments to other clients unless authorized.

  • I am bound by my CFA designation to follow strict guidelines relating to inside, confidential, material information.

  • If asked if someone is a client, I do not affirm or deny without the client's permission.