National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

In this often dismal time in the world, it is important to remember these five foundations that have brought success to so many for so long. I received an up close reminder of those foundations last week on May 11 as I sat in the beautiful St. Mark's Episcopal Church as the father of a new inductee into the National Junior Honor Society, an organization dedicated to these very ideals. Abby Golub, along with 48 of her schoolmates, lit candles and received medals around their necks for sufficiently demonstrating these five ideals to their school chapter of the NJHS. They then all recited in unison the NJHS Pledge:

I pledge myself
To uphold the high purposes
Of this Society
To which I have been selected,
Striving in every way,
By word and deed,
To make its ideals
The ideals of my life.

These ideals – to seek and honor truth, to serve as an example for others, to place the needs of others before self, to demonstrate humility and uprightness, and to work for the greater good – are a comprehensive list of how to live, how to succeed, how to invest, and most importantly, how to treat others.

It is tempting to believe that all of the ugly, violent, and unkind news of the day means that these ideals are on the wane and in permanent retreat. But as I sat in the church with other parents and students, it became clear to me that the future is bright.  It is for that future which New Capital invests your vital and precious capital, alongside my own.


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