Planning for Travel

Whether you want to take a dream trip around the world or simply want to visit your cousin in Indianapolis for a few days, you can benefit from some pretrip planning. If you plan far enough in advance of your departure, you'll usually get better rates on airline fares, lodging, and packages than if you wait until the last minute, particularly if your travel plans are flexible. If you're traveling to a foreign country, you may need time to obtain a passport or a visa or to research your itinerary. In addition, you'll reduce the inevitable stress that accompanies traveling by preparing yourself as thoroughly as possible.

Tip: If you believe a great trip is a spontaneous one, look into last-minute travel deals offered by some airlines, travel agents, and travel websites. You usually can book them only a few days in advance of your departure, and your choice of destinations is limited. However, these last-minute trips are usually a bargain, because airlines, hotels, and tour groups are trying to sell their unreserved spaces.

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