ESG, SRI, and impact investing: A Primer for decision-making

  • Investors throughout the world are increasingly interested in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. However, they may be puzzled by the growing assortment of acronyms and terminology on the subject, leading to challenges in determining what - if any - action they should take.

  • ESG investing is an investment-related activity that accounts for some type of ESG consideration. It is not a separate asset class, a single strategy, or even a single type of action, and importantly, the appropriate approach is not the same for all investors. We believe that specific forms of ESG investing can be prudent for investors with particular preferences, beliefs, resources, and circumstances. As with any other form of investing, investors must establish their goals and weigh the potential benefits of the various approaches against any relevant risks and costs to give themselves the best chance to achieving their desired outcome.

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