Fidelity Account Statements: Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my statement?

eDelivery customers can usually expect to see their statement posted to by the second business day after the end of the month. Statements sent to customers via U.S. mail are mailed by the fifth business day of the month and are typically received by the 10th of the month, depending on holidays and which day of the week the prior month ends on.

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Do I receive a statement every month?

All customers with a nonzero balance will receive statements monthly or quarterly. You will receive a statement for every month in which you have activity, but at the least, quarterly. Activity includes purchases and sales of securities, deposits, withdrawals, transfers of assets, and dividend reinvestments. Customers with a zero balance will receive statements in the month the balance decreases to zero, but will not receive subsequent statements until there is a balance in the account. Customers with a household statement will receive a monthly statement if there is activity in any of the householded accounts.

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