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We focus on doing four primary things with excellence: Advising clients on financial and other matters, Investing client capital, Administering client accounts, and Communicating clearly and effectively with clients. If any one of these is lacking, the client experience will be compromised.


Financial Planning

Your relationship with New Capital begins with financial planning, the critical process in which we get acquainted and develop a working relationship, establish your financial details, and then, working together, develop a set of financial “blueprints” that include plans of action and investments.

One of the key results of our financial planning process is a probability of success measure that will help predict how well your current financial picture will stand up to the needs of your future. While this measure in itself is important, even more important is the work we do and decisions we take together in order to strengthen your probability of success measure so that you can confidently go forward.

Planning Meetings

Financial planning and advisory is a collaborative effort centered around meetings between an advisor and a client. Here we detail New Capital’s meeting process for local, out of town, and video conference clients.



Managing investments is often the primary reason one hires a financial advisor.  At New Capital, our investment experience is extensive, our academic training is from top institutions, and our professional certifications are recognized around the world.  Most of all, though, we strive to guide you to a positive investment experience and help you better understand the sound principles and ideas that underpin modern investing.

Our Investment Approach

Our approach to investing is built on decades of academic and scientific research that has resulted in proven theories and accolades, including multiple Nobel Prizes, for their developers.


Our Investment Process

Our investment process is a careful and reliable step-by-step sequence in which we patiently build a mutual understanding of your current portfolio and how it might best change to meet your needs and goals.



Administration of client accounts is one of the most important services that a financial advisor provides. Every day at New Capital and with an eye for detail and accuracy, we help clients execute and accomplish a wide variety of tasks that, without us, would otherwise be time-consuming, annoying, or even impossible. We are greatly aided in our efforts by the strong relationships we have with our custodians' institutional service desks, to which we have quick and direct access.

To keep careful track of client tasks, we utilize a new generation of task logging software that allows us to communicate as a team both in and out of the office.  In a world where customer service often means struggling through a computerized phone tree only to reach someone who is unable or unhelpful, New Capital takes great pride in delighting its clients with our personal administrative services.



At New Capital we believe it is vital to communicate clearly, regularly, consistently, and compellingly with our clients, partners, each other, and the community at large. To meet this goal, we produce and distribute a wide range of electronic, print, and other communications to ensure that what we convey our thoughts, beliefs, and actions across all pertinent areas of our business.